The many benefits of RFID technology make it possible to build a solid business case for its use in different industries and for different applications.

  • Accuracy , Speed, Saving money

    Saving time become The most obvious success factors that anyone seeking to progress will looking for it and achieve it, one of this success factors that provided to us by the development of technology, Called "RFID" Technology this technology that Turned the world upside down and flourished in making a difference in business field.

  • Race Timing Systems Software is designed for Marathon and Fun Runs, also can be used in Bike Race, Horse Race, Car Race, Motorsports, and any other racing events. This software is user friendly and can be setup in few minutes .

  • In recent years, RFID technology has become more cost effective and has been applied to a wide variety of industries – especially parking and entrance or exit cars. Parking lots are an important component of many businesses so it’s important for them to be well-managed and efficient for the operators, while being accessible and convenient for their customers.

  • RFID Technology based process control is extremely important . Provides state of the art solutions for enhanced process control and efficiency which are used widely in some industries and enable mass production so they started using RFID for better efficiency .

What is RFID Technology

Technologies such as radio frequency identification (RFID) present businesses with exciting opportunities to create systems which link automatically to the world around them. Read more about what is RFID.

RFID technology to make it easy for our clients to gain the greatest benefits with the least possible risk. RFID Solutions EGYPT is the ideal partner when implementing your RFID project.


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Meeting The Needs of Users

We work with a wide range of private and public sector enterprises. All the solutions we provide share one characteristic; they are carefully adapted to the needs of the workplace where they are put to use Through the work we have done with users, we have come to understand the unique requirements of different RFID applications. You will find evidence for that in our many case studies and in the descriptions of how we help put RFID to work

RFID Technology Issues

RFID & The Internet of Things

One of the most important ideas driving the take up of RFID technology in business applications is the concept of the so-called “Internet of Things”. Because RFID allows things to be identified by computer systems, it enables applications to become “thing aware”.

RFID Standards

RFID technology to make it easy for our clients to gain the greatest benefits your RFID project

RFID & Interference

RFID is only one of the technologies that can be deployed as part of an organisation’s installed systems and solutions. But are there potential problems from installing


Using RFID used to be thought of as an expensive solution but new developments in RFID technology and reducing prices, mean that RFID can now deliver real ROI. This short guide provides a list of the areas that should be considered by those creating a cost-justification for RFID based systems.

RFID tags (especially UHF tags) can be read at much greater distances. An RFID reader can access information on tags at distances up to 10 metres. The range to read a barcode with a high level of success is much less, typically no more than a foot or so.

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